About This Book

Turn “Zoom Burnout” into “Zoom Benefits” when you learn to read facial expressions and body language in your virtual meetings. This is the closest you’ll ever come to having the power to read other people’s minds when you are in meetings… and it’s all science-based and business-tested. Every chapter reveals a different business scenario with a different person. It’s one of the only body language books that reflects diversity and lets you see how expressions change during the course of a meeting. Think how you’ll feel when you walk away with valuable insights that everyone else missed. Here are just a few of the competitive advantages you’ll gain from Read the Zoom:
  • Recognize unspoken objections before they stop you
  • Fast-track trusting business relationships by building empathy
  • Know exactly what to say to overcome emerging issues
  • Pick up positive signals that tell you when to ask for the decision
  • Uncover hidden agendas that nobody is talking about
  • Leverage proven psychology strategies to increase your “win rate”
  • Become the smartest person in the virtual room